Infinite KnowledgeBase is Information Collaboration

JEDISOF® is the sole provider of the Infinite KnowledgeBase™.  The IKB is a custom cloud software module that efficiently stores and retrieves information for the sole purpose of information collaboration among professionals.

Ever wonder what the world would be like if the same information was made available to all who needed it? A bartender in Morocco mixes a new drink that wows the patrons. A year later, that drink can be found served in many bars across the world, yet no one knows its creator. With the IKB, the drink can be served across the world in seconds and most importantly the bartender gets his or her due notice. A doctor in Dubai questions a possible outbreak. It can take days while the knowledge of the outbreak is confirmed and many lives are lost. With the IKB, a doctor in Italy and a doctor in China share their knowledge of a possible outbreak with the doctor in Dubai and the outbreak is contained sooner.

The IKB was developed to be a true professional social network, minus all the non-relevant information found on most other social networks. As an add-on module, the IKB is added to the ToReCall® platform to make other resources incomplete. Join an IKB and tap into your Infinite KnowledgeBase.


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Infinite KnowledgeBase™

Bartenders IKB

  • ✔ Quickly Search Drink Recipes
  • ✔ Thousands of Recipes
  • ✔ Drink Variations
  • ✔ Mixed Cocktails
  • ✔ Specialty Drinks
  • ✔ Wider Variety of Types
  • ✔ Creator’s Credit
  • ✔ Never forget a Recipe
  • ✔ Collaborate with other Bartenders
  • ✔ Connect with Bartenders Worldwide
  • ✔ Teaching / Learning Tool
  • ✔ Great for NEW Bartenders

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