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ToReCall® is a cost effective Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution tool for increasing collaboration and productivity. 

Jedisof Incorporated in partnership with Elyon International developed ToReCall to be a true professional social network minus all the non-relevant information found on most other networks, social and otherwise. With customization and add-on modules, the ToReCall platform makes all other resources obsolete.

ToReCall is a custom-cloud software set of modules capable of integrating and connecting multiple systems—that efficiently stores and retrieves information. From simple solutions helping to ensure tasks are completed on time, to complex solutions helping to reduce costs associated with rework, to internal and external collaboration, ToReCall is the one platform which provides many solutions.

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The right solutions for productivity and production from ONE software platform.

ToReCall has built in AI and machine learning, the solutions learn and grow with the user as they process everyday tasks (hence, its name, ToReCall, for it recalls information).

The ToReCall Suite, with its full suite of modules, is tailored so that each user can customize and configure their own unique way to work.

Looking for an affordable solution to lower production costs?

To increase quality and productivity while reducing recalls?

Is your company keeping up the pace, changing and evolving with technology?

Most importantly, moving as fast as the technology that surrounds it?

An exclusive network for Professionals Physicians Teachers Bartenders Lawyers Information Sharing Pharmaceuticals Engineering Industry Partnerships

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One of ToReCall’s premium modules is the Infinite KnowledgeBase™ (IKB).

It is a custom cloud software module that efficiently stores and retrieves industry information for the sole purpose of collaboration among professionals.

And its possible applications are many, from Project Management and document control, to Healthcare solutions and on-time deliveries, to manufacturing, industrial engineering, information mapping and much more

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