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Turning Trial & Error into Trial & Success

To solve your productivity and efficiency problems slowing down your business.

ToReCall® doesn’t just assist with capturing and reporting the issue; it suggests a solution based on analysis of past issues and how those issued were resolved. Our modules allow the user to be just as efficient, by including the user(s) in the solution to create a more desirable solution than other platforms that rely just on AI.

The IKB was developed to be a true professional social network, minus all the non-relevant information found on most other social networks. As an add-on module, the IKB is added to the ToReCall platform to make other resources incomplete and obsolete. Join an IKB and tap into your Infinite KnowledgeBase™.

Put simply, it is a collaboration software productivity tool with multiple functions smart enough to assist with determining solutions to fix a problem as it is identified or occurs.  Our solution learns and grows with the user as they process everyday tasks.

ToReCall® a software as a service solution

  • To Reduce Errors

    Across the globe, companies are losing millions annually due to production costs, rework and recalls.

    Performing rework, conducting recalls, and replacing product or component defects is costing companies millions.

  • To Reduce Costs

    ‘Deferred Production Costs’ is just another phrase for “rework” that costs manufacturers and suppliers billions in revenue.

    Our software as a service sets the standard in reducing production costs and increasing first pass quality. It is an indispensable asset for businesses that rely on alternative subscription based solutions, field communication solutions, business processes, and/or engineering processes.

    Reducing costs will power the next revolution.

Our Artificial Intelligent Solution.

  • To ReCall

    Human error is inevitable. To recall human error makes it less likely to reoccur.

  • To Increase Quality

    Using a single specialized software platform as a service to enhance the user in their ability to monitor and reduce rework and production delays. A simple to use set of software modules and processes integrated with collaboration, tasking, project management, and preventative corrective action features.

    An algorithmic tool that assists decision makers by providing only relevant data and most importantly, the action required to address that data.